Friday, November 28, 2014


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assalamualaikum and just saw my last's last year punyer post..hahaha..well everyone i'm back..aina baru sudah the SPM exam..well 25/11 was my last paper..well freedommm for sekrang baru aina dapat peluang utk tulis..sebenarnya abg sulung aina just got married my family was like super busy..hahaha..tunggu je la time kenduri kt umah kitaorg..mmg akan lagi busy right? well..nk buat mcm mane kalu dh kenduri kahwin..btw congrats for my brother..the first kakak ipar i got..haha..well i got the first sister in law..yg keduanye x tahu la bile...

so..for this third months..what i should do??goyang kaki kt umah je ke?InsyaAllah if i have time or mood maybe i will update my bog..hmmm..oh give me strength to update all these things..aina dh xnak blog ni sunyi lagi...LOL..

aina akan belajar buat kek or muffin maybe..belajar menjahit kan..well a girl need to learn that thing right? maybe i will do some business..but i will about that later..huhu..

                                                                                                                  sincerely aina mohd

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